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Who are we ?

Geert Wellens is the driving force behind this project. in 2012 he started with a women's team to raise the level and the attention to women's cyclo-cross. Now a few years later, a lot has changed in the ladies' cross where Geert is the basis for. So we have seen in our team already sounding names like Laura Verdonschot & Maud Kaptheijnsin the past and now they are nicely at the top of the ladies cyclo-cross standings. Our team now consists of 2 ladies elites, 2 ladies promises, 3 ladies newcomers and 1 men's promise

Future vision

Making young riders for this beautiful sport, field driving. Make champions out of them.


Vondelmolen Cycling Team: “we would like to keep the talents in the future”

Team 2018

Wednesday Geert Wellens introduced his new team 2018 at the offices of vondelmolen. Seven young female riders, together with one brave young man and a sponsor and a sports director with passion : The team is without doubt an added value for the cross.


Geert Wellens is leading the team for the next two years. He will put all effort and passion on this job.


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SEO Ranking

Follow our team and his members on twitter. Tweets will be also available on the site. @vondelmolenCT

The riders

Shana Maes (elite), Karen Verhestraeten (elite), Axelle Bellaert (U23), Nikola Noskova (U23), Cédric Mertens (U23 heren), Julie Brouwers (U17), Lies'l Schevenels (U17) en Sterre Vervloet (U17)


What is our mission


“Looking for talents who want to get to the top of the international cyclo-cross. We also like to help talents who like cyclocross and work together on their future and especially on the fun of this sport.”

Geert Wellens, Team manager & ploegleider.



We are Karen, Shana, Axelle, Nikola, Julie, Lies'L, Sterre & Cedric? All driven and hunger for the cyclocross microbe, we are members of our red brigade.
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